When planning a wedding there are many moving parts and many people you’ll be relying on to help make your big day perfect. From a photographer to DJ to hairstylist, makeup artist, baker, officiant and decorator, all have different personalities and unique ideas.

Devine Wedding Design would like to help you know how to pick the best vendors so that you can breathe easy on your big day. First and most important, we think it is crucial to meet your vendor face-to-face. Not only is it super important for you to know their demeanour, but it’s important for the vendor to know yours and learn about your style and quirks.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, live far away or just can’t squeeze in a meeting, there are a few possible options. You could try planning a Skype chat, send a family member or friend who knows how you think or send a detailed list of questions and the vendor answer them over the phone. However, if you can rearrange and make plans to meet in person, it will give you a better idea of who you are hiring.

Before meeting your vendor, you should do some homework. See what previous clients have said in their reviews and talk to people who have been married recently to learn about their high points and low points with their wedding experience in general. Maybe they have some details to dish which may not only help you select a vendor, but know what questions to ask.

Once you’ve done your research about reviews and referrals, keep in mind that almost every partnership comes down to personalities and how well they mesh together. When in doubt, head to social media, pick up the phone or set a meeting to talk. You should also look for a diverse portfolio which shows a consistent level of quality with varying styles and themes. Don’t be afraid to ask their advice about other vendors as well, if they can stand behind a certain photographer, venue, hairstylist etc. it will make your planning process a lot easier and may be a good reason to move ahead with the hiring process.

It’s also very important to be on the same page in terms of budget. You and your fiancé should have an understanding of the overall budget and the allotted amounts for certain vendors. Part of your homework in selecting a vendor should be to see if your budget matches their pricing. That being said, never assume what their pricing is, give them a call and learn more information first before making a definitive decision. In order to fully understand pricing, make sure you get an itemized quote from the business after your consultation. This will help you see exactly what you’re paying for and will make cutting down your costs easier if your budget is running away on you!

We hope this is helpful and gives you an idea of where to start. Happy planning!