For those of you who don’t know, I’m Wendy Bennewies, the face of Devine Wedding Design. I’ve always had a passion for design and with a dose of determination, a burning passion and some gusto; I opened Devine Wedding Design in 2007. Now – ten years later, we offer full service wedding and event decor, table and chair rentals and floral designs to Southwestern Ontario.

With each passing year I become more invested, more impassioned and more determined to offer everything for our clients under one amazing roof. I like being that creative voice in the madness of planning a wedding and with each reaction on ‘reveal day’, my inner voice becomes more alive. Making wedding dreams come true is a privilege giving me reason to push through the rough days and a spark to shine brighter on the best days.

In ten marvelous years of business I’ve learned a lot! I’ve learned about being the best parent possible, being an entrepreneur, managing success and others and how to harness the mind of a creator. Whether you’re a bride, a friend, a fellow entrepreneur or a person who loves all things pretty – I have some advice to help you along your journey.

Don’t ever let anyone bring you down or tell you that you can’t do something. When you get negative feedback, take it in stride and use it as a force to make you better and achieve your highest dreams. If we didn’t have criticism, we’d never become the best versions of ourselves – and that is the one thing in this world that we have complete control over.

Life throws you hurdles, but you shouldn’t have to leap alone. Use your friends and family as a shoulder to lean on. If they are offering support, take it because we can’t do it all alone – it’s impossible! We’re only as good as the team behind us. If you’re a bride who can’t plan everything alone, ask your friends for help, see if your mom, dad, aunt or grandparent can give you an afternoon of their time. They’d most likely love to be involved and it would give you a chance to pause and regroup.

I’ve created Devine Wedding Design to be a team of professionals who know how to support you. I like to know my brides seeing what makes them tick, what they love and hate so I can be that voice of reason. Brainstorming with my clients is my favourite part of the process because two brains are always better than one. You can leave each consultation feeling refreshed, knowing all of your ideas and dreams are on the table – my specialty is picking up those pieces, arranging them and creating a masterpiece that will leave you in awe.