April and Oliver were married on August 20, 2016 and their day was a fairytale come true! Complete with plenty of bling, gorgeous royal blue and icy white accents, their wedding was a true wonderland fit for a princess.

We recently reached out to them for pictures so we could share with couples for design inspiration. Hearing such heartwarming feedback after months have passed is extremely rewarding, especially when we saw how amazing the community centre looked. The whole team is always out to make a positive impact on a couple – one which will last forever.

We’re excited to share an inside look at April and Oliver’s day so that brides-to-be can have some planning inspiration and learn a few tricks along the way. We’ve broken down some key points below!

Get the Hubby Involved:

Being a busy bride means that you have to be comfortable in asking for help. We’ve said it time and time again that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your family to take something off your plate. April, being a busy bride herself was lucky to have Oliver and her Mother-in-Law take care of catering and bridal bouquet flowers, freeing up some time for her to plan other details.

To Flower or Not to Flower:

Flowers are a big topic of contention for most couples mainly due to the cost and varying preferences regarding colours and types of blooms. April is an example of a bride who did not want flowers to be incorporated in her wedding design. When she told Wendy about this important detail, Devine Wedding Design was able to offer an elegant solution which not only complimented the design, but also offered lovely texture to the look of the room.

When planning your wedding, don’t feel that your design will be lacking something without flowers. A design can be brought to life with various other accents rather than flowers. Some examples include: feathers, lanterns, candles, candelabras and even greenery. Bouquets can also be replaced with the traditional broach bouquet, feathers, a lantern or even a vintage fan. If you’re an animal lover, you could even adorn your bridal party with cute puppies! Depending on the location, your flower girl could toss feathers, cut-out shapes from old books or glitter if it’s an outdoor location.

Swimming in a Sea of Vendors:

With so many vendors offering wedding services, it’s important to select the right vendor for what your day requires. Many brides will feel overwhelmed when first starting to plan because they can be flooded with options. The most useful piece of information we learned from April and Oliver’s day is that couples need to know exactly what they want. April and Oliver greeted their planning knowing that they were a super busy couple who wanted to make the experience as simple as possible without compromising their dream vision. This meant they’d need to find vendors who can offer many different services to cut down on communication, planing and running around. For April, a hard task was finding a wedding decorator who could move decorations throughout the day.

“A huge selling point for me on Devine Wedding Design is that they transformed the hall in-between our ceremony, dinner and reception,” said April. “I wanted to be able to use one space for our whole day to keep things simple. Wendy’s team was able to work fast and change the space so each phase of my wedding was unique and special.”

April explained that she was unable to find a decorator who would offer this service without charging extra fees – so going with Devine Wedding Design was a no-brainer. Be sure to talk to your vendors to see if they offer exactly what you need, perhaps there is a detail you’re after which one offers over another. If you’re after a one-stop-shop, be sure to have a complete list of your vendors’ offerings to see what fits your criteria the best.

The ‘Blank-Slate’ Hall

There are pros and cons to selecting a hall as your wedding venue. The best thing about a hall is that there are infinite opportunities to transform the ‘blank-slate’ space and make a completely unique wedding design. This is a task some brides take on eagerly and one that other brides run from due to a lack of time for planning the many moving parts. If you have the right vendors, a venue which requires a lot of work may not be as daunting as you think.

We suggest looking for caterers who can also make desserts or even your wedding cake while being able to provide plates and flatware. A one-stop-shop vendor with will limit your point of contact freeing time and reducing stress. You may also want to look for a person who can do both hair and makeup if you have a smaller wedding party and enough time to get ready. Maybe you could find a hairdresser who has a makeup artist on staff.

“Devine Wedding Design had bartenders for me to purchase which was amazing since getting married at a hall is a huge obstacle as opposed to getting married at a venue which provides every service,” explained April. “Devine Wedding Design was a one-stop-shop and provided absolutely every service I could possibly need making it way simpler than it would have been otherwise – you actually don’t need a wedding planner if you hire Wendy.”

Other Details:

Wedding Dress – Taylor’s Bridal Shop in Elmira

Wedding Rings – Swanson’s located in downtown Stratford

Photography – Sheila Ivey photography

Caterer – BJ’s Catering