Everyone, or at least most of us, make a few New Year’s resolutions and we do this in hopes of making a fresh start. As the last few days of the year approach, we look ahead to the possibilities lurking just around the corner. This alone is the magic of the new year; but, how fast does the magic fade? In a week or so, we realize that we’re back to the same routines day in and day out – because as we juggle this thing we call life, the need to make new habits dies as the old ones become stronger than ever. 

This has us wondering how it’s possible to make a resolution stick?  This year, we aren’t going to surrender – we’re in this together!

Set Attainable Goals:

Just as in business, all goals should be S.M.A.R.T. meaning they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. If you set an unrealistic goal, of course you’re not going to reach it. So, it all starts from the beginning by setting a goal that makes sense and can actually be met. 

Wondering more about S.M.A.R.T. objectives? Check out this article

Change your Thinking: 

 The word ‘resolution’ itself sounds daunting, so start considering your ‘resolutions’ as choices, goals and routines. 

Not only should we reconsider what we call our ‘resolutions’ but we should realize that if we fall off the wagon, there’s no rule saying you can’t get back on! So, when July rolls around and you’re still feeling down about your derailed goal of drinking more water – grab that water bottle and get to guzzling. 

 These goals are only for yourself; they’re not a race being had with friends or an act that needs to be judged.  

 Make a Plan:

 You’ve sat down, pondered your goal, written it on pretty paper and hung it on your bulletin board. That’s all great – but now comes the planning. This is the meat of attaining your goal, the plan is the way you’ll make it all happen. So please, don’t skip this part. 

 If you’re goal is to eat clean for 2018, make a plan. You may reorganize your pantry and make a shopping list. You may download a calorie tracker and schedule your gym days. Whatever your action plan may be – get it ready and follow it. 


 Try setting three solid goals instead of 20 little ones. With all those tasks that run through your brain at night, why add 20 more?!? With three solid goals, you will have an easier time reflecting next year and saying, “I did it!”

Once you set three meaningful goals, tackle them one at a time. When you’ve successfully picked up on one good habit, add another one into the mix and slowly you’ll reach all of them!

So why did we write this blog post about New Year’s resolutions? Firstly, we wanted to show that you’re not in this alone and secondly, that everything here is also true of wedding planning. 

 Set attainable goals:

 Is your budget reasonable, is your theme attainable, do you have enough time to make your vision happen? 

 Change your Thinking:

 Your wedding, at the end of the day, is about you and your partner. It isn’t about winning a contest or having the best reception or making sure each detail is flawless. It’s a promise to another person, and that alone is a spectacular thing! 

 Make a Plan: 

 How to make your plan: create and follow a timeline, have contingency plans set in place for anything that could potentially go wrong, make sure your wedding party knows their tasks and cues and know your steps towards having your perfect day. With a realistic and well-thought-out plan, your day will be stress free and nearly flawless. 


If you greet wedding planning with the need to finish all tasks on the list at once, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed. There are many lists you can download which detail each task for each month of wedding planning. These are a perfect way to keep yourself organized and on track. 

We also suggest setting aside a specific time each week for wedding planning. Maybe it’s every Saturday afternoon or Monday nights. On those days, use your time to schedule meetings, order items and update your planning list.

So, whether you are looking to attain your New Year’s resolutions or slay your wedding planning, take it easy and stay positive. Life is beautiful, so enjoy each moment and remember – you’re already perfect the way you are!