One: Save Some Money 

Generally speaking, renting your wedding items can save you a lot of money. If you’re after an antique item such as a chandelier or typewriter, you’ll be dishing out a lot of money at an antique store! Instead, speak to your rental and decor vendor to see what unique pieces they have in store – if they don’t have it, it may be of interest for them to find and utilize in other weddings as well as yours, as a result you’ll save some time and money allowing them to do the legwork. Not to mention, most vendors take a deposit and have payment plans allowing you to save yourself from credit card interest payments. 

Two: Buy and Sell Disaster 

Buying and selling is the latest fad – there are even Facebook groups for posting your gently used items. However, selling your items after your wedding can get really time-consuming when you try to coordinate the highest offers. Planning pick-ups can also get frustrating when there’s two conflicting schedules to keep in mind – then, it’s back to the drawing board when someone doesn’t show up! People may even try to get their money back from you if they don’t like what they see when they get home…code for: ‘they’ve changed their mind and would rather have you deal with the consequences’. 

Three: Bye-Bye Basic Venue 

Many venues are absolutely stunning and have unique features, however, their tables, chairs and linens may be basic so as to please everyone. Using basic items provided by the venue can downplay your wedding design and lack a personal touch. Ask your venue to give you a list of wedding rental and decor vendors they’re familiar with – those people will know exactly how to spruce-up the options and which rentals will work well in the space! 

Four: Be Careful… 

You may not know how to properly store and ship a certain item you’ve purchased. Suddenly, your new vases are scratched and chipped or your sparkly linens have creases and pulls. Rental companies not only know how to store and transport items, but they have industrial-grade presses to keep linens looking their best. If something happens to be wrecked during transport to your wedding, your vendor will have a backup either packed or at their shop – the whole situation will be handled before it even becomes a problem.  

Five: Not Quite Enough

Have you fallen in love with a plate charger, but the store is just one short? Nothing is worse than that feeling of devastation, so you run to another store to see if they have something the same in stock. Their golden charger is not quite as shiny, but you buy it anyways. As you walk into the venue with the love of your life during a grand and immaculate entrance, you see that ONE dull golden charger plate…don’t let that happen to you! A wedding rental vendor will guide you to many options that have more than enough items for what you require.   

Six: Save Time 

A wedding rental vendor usually has a showroom and some, like Devine Wedding Design are able to offer multiple services making it a quick and easy, one-stop-shop. You’ll save the travel time of going to many different stores as well as the energy and time needed to lug around your purchases and get them to the venue on wedding day. 

Seven: Love the Environment  

This one is pretty simple, when you rent, you save on waste and energy!

Eight: No Storage Space Needed

You’ll need to budget room for the essential items that come along with hosting a wedding. A guest book, wedding dress, suit, shoes, cake knife set and topper can all add up to a lot of space. Imagine needing even more room for linens, chairs, vases and trinkets – sounds like a nightmare! Then, consider all the gifts you’ll receive from your guests, you’ll need places for those items as well. Instead of spending the day after your wedding re-arranging and cleaning, let your vendor deal with the issue of storage and clean-up allowing you to time some precious time for relax.

Nine: Shipping Stress 

Many brides flock to inexpensive online shopping sites like Amazon or AliExpress, however, what happens when your items are lost, stuck at the border or just generally delayed. Shipping from China can save you a lot of money, but it can add a lot of stress while you sit, wait and wonder. 

Ten: Expert Advice 

Lastly, when you rent from a wedding decor company, you get their expert opinions and advice along with it. You may not know that a certain chair is very uncomfortable or that a type of linen tends to dull pictures. With a vendor available to help you make decisions, you’ll be left with a stunning, stress-free day to remember!