You’ve spent so much time planning every aspect of your wedding and you’re ready to pop that pre-wedding bubbly, sit back and relax as you count down the next couple of weeks. But, don’t forget to plan the getting ready part. There’s no rule that says the party doesn’t start until you walk down the aisle, so pull out the playlist and get your prettiest PJ’s ready! Here’s our list of ten steps to create the perfect wedding morning:  

One: Have a Moment with Mom…

Dad or a close loved one! Thank them for everything they’ve done for you leading up to today. This moment is so important because as soon as you sit down in your stylist’s chair, the rest of the day will fly by. Nothing beats a family photo of you and your parents in PJ’s sharing a few tears pre-coffee time!  

Two: Toast the Day and Settle Nerves 

Make sure you have some bubbly chilled for those moments of getting ready. Now, this doesn’t mean you should chug the whole bottle down, but one or two mimosas never kills anybody!

Three: Eat Breakfast 

It’s always important to have a healthy and wholesome breakfast, but today is extremely important. You don’t want to experience hunger bloat in your dress or feel tipsy off that mimosa. Try having some fruit and/or eggs, a smoothie and some water the morning of your wedding to keep you feeling fresh and full.  

Four: Plan Matching Pajamas or Robes 

Plan ahead and include a matching wardrobe in your bridesmaid gifts or ask your gals to bring a certain style of getting-ready outfit they already own. If you’re getting married in the late-fall or winter, we love the idea of oversized plaid shirts or flowing floral rompers for a summer time celebration.

Five: Don’t Forget to Shower! 

This sounds pretty straight forward, how could you forget?!? But when you’re nervous, in a flurry and being pulled in many directions, you’d be surprised what you can forget. Try waking up a touch earlier and having a warm bath to calm your nerves. Finish with a long-lasting deodorant and your signature sexy scent. 

Six: Have fun! 

Work it into your timeline so that you and your gals have some time to have fun before the getting ready part begins. Try playing a round of Jenga, taking funny photos or sharing some memory lane stories over a cup of coffee. If you’re going out for fun, make sure you stay away from anything where you could fall or get cut – you’re wedding dress will thank you!

Seven: Have a Timeline

Like every other part of your wedding, your morning also needs a timeline. Coordinate when your stylists will arrive and make sure your maids know when they should arrive. Consider saving extra time for photos with your wedding party and time to have ‘The Big Reveal’.

Eight: The Big Reveal 

Once you’ve gotten ready, your dress on, shoes in place and jewelry fastened, have your big reveal with your parents and bridesmaids so they can finally see the vision they’ve had in their head all this time. This is also a perfect photo opportunity so you can reflect on all of the excitement and surprise after the wedding.  

Nine: Have a Good Playlist 

Music is the best way to set the mood so be sure to have a mix of music to keep your nerves at bay and the good times flowing. You can’t miss the famous song, “Going to the Chapel of Love” nothing says wedding quite like The Dixie Cups! 

Ten: Photo Ops

Try saving a set of your invitations, have your rings, shoes and prominent jewelry set aside for the photographer to snap a picture of. Place all invites in a Ziploc bag for organization and protection and place all details you want combined in a box so your photographer can grab and go. Also remember to provide a list of photos for the morning of. You’ve worked so hard on the list for after the wedding, but be sure not to forget the getting ready snaps.