Seeing the word “cheap” or “on the cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean cost effective. Cheap doesn’t mean good quality service or product. It implies you’re getting a less than quality product or minimal service, it may give off the appearance that your event had minimal effort during the planning phase. When looking for something “on the cheap” it means you’re not looking for quality in anything during the relationship of that purchase. Why on your wedding day would you want to source any such product?

Being cost conscious is definitely important. Looking for a good quality product and a fair competitive price is something every couple is seeking. Personal service is also very important; you’ll want to know someone is looking after everything you hold dear. Instead of falling down the ‘cheap rabbit hole’ having a budget planned out before your event will allow you to make the best decisions based on your vision. Let’s face it, we’re not all made of money! So you may need to reduce your budget in one spot to make room for a larger budget in another spot that better enhances your event vision.

When making your wedding day decisions search for a company that prides themselves on exceptional service who supplies quality in all items they provide. Knowing the company has your best interest, and wants to help you succeed alongside them is what sustains an upstanding name for their company to last for years.

Elite companies often choose to target the clients that can afford them only. Usually offering the same products for a larger cost. Not because the product is superior but more for prestige & lack of empathy for the dollar. Some of these companies have a “minimum” that may be unattainable for a large number of couples. This leaves a void in some markets and Devine Wedding Design tries to fill this void by offering both competitive pricing and options to fit all visions and budgets.

We want you to keep in mind that “Cheap” is usually a vendor that cannot put in full effort, has another full-time job and is not 100% committed to you as a valued customer. Products of low quality or “cheap” products are mostly products that have been used heavily for many years that need replacement & hold no value to the company. Instead look for companies who have a range of options and DIY packages. Liability is a huge factor in hosting any event and hiring a skilled company to set up and take down should always be a priority! Having the proper government regulated training for any equipment needed for installation is super important. Along with using products that are up to all safety code, fire rated fabric, electrical wiring etc..all are very important for liabilities.

Here at Devine Wedding Design we encourage DIY set up & takedown on things that make sense, things that don’t require a lot of skill or special licensing. We are here to guide you through the things you can do while we do the things you can’t. Keeping you budget conscious but user friendly!

Ceiling draping & backdrops are our greatest demands. The Large ticketed items that require a great deal of dollars to purchase usually require the knowledge of how to assemble these items professionally and safely. Keeping our installers current with special licensing and permits is important to us so our clients have no worries on their special day.

Our tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware and glassware are all commercial grade quality products. We stock commercial grade for life longevity and durability for multi-event use. We own and service all of our own products so we can be as cost effective as possible and control the service and quality.

When renting from us, we deliver everything together to enhance your savings without having to go pick up items from multiple locations. When saving on delivery and the cost of setting up and taking down the DIY Decor and rentals, you have extra dollars to apply to the extra needs you may require at the last minute.

These are all ways to help you stay on budget with products that have purpose and meaning. If done right with some contribution from you and your helpers with the easier things, this will help offset the larger and enduring projects taken on by the professional you have hired. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. This is truly the difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘cost effective’. You won’t be disappointed we guarantee it!