Full Service Decor

Wedding Decor


Lit Column (White, Distressed or Black) $350.00
Burlap Iron Screens $350.00
Gathered Full Sheer 24′ $600.00
Full Sheer $550.00
Layered Sheer Backdrop with Colour $650.00
Crystal Curtain Backdrop $650.00
A-Line with Victorian Park Iron Fencing $650.00
Victorian Park (Black Iron Fencing) $450.00
Shakespearean Gate (Brown Iron) $450.00
Rustic Country Barn Board $550.00
Braided Backdrop $650.00
**Customized Backdrops available Quoted

**All backdrops above are based on up to 10′ drape height and 24′ length unless otherwise stated. Additional heights/lengths incur additional costs. Standard uplighting included in backdrop pricing. 

Tent Draperies

Tent pole $75.00 ea
Tent pole with lights $100.00 ea
Swag between poles $95.00 ea
Swag between poles with lights $125.00 ea
Tent Poles to 4 corners $300.00
Tent Poles to 4 corners with lights $450.00
Flat Panel Ceiling Sections Starting at $300.00
Flat Panel Ceiling Sections with lights Starting at $450.00
Coloured Draping + $100.00
Full Ceiling Liner Starting at $1,200.00
Additional Lights Starting at $250.00

Entrance Ways

Brown Stick Arbour $75.00
Layered Fabric Entrance $150.00
Trellis Garden Arbour $150.00
Fabric Scarfed $100.00
Rustic Iron Garden Arbour with Side Fences $200.00
Modern Arbour (undressed) $250.00
Infinity Arbour (undressed) $200.00
Geometric Arbour (undressed) $250.00

Backdrop Lighting

Reigning Lights $75.00
LED Coloured Light Bars $45.00


Dressed Tables of Importance Decor

Generous Sheer Skirting  $75.00/table
Generous Sheer Skirting with fairy lighting  $90.00/table
Generous Sheer Skirting with under lighting  $35.00/table
Generous Sheer Skirting with Swagging $125.00/table
Tutu Skirting with Band $65.00/table
Curly Willow Skirting with Band $65.00/table
Lace Skirting with Band $65.00/table


Ceiling Draperies

6 Panel Ceiling Canopy $550.00
6 Panel Ceiling Canopy with 3 Colour Panels $700.00
8 Panel Ceiling Canopy $700.00
8 Panel Ceiling Canopy with 4 Colour Panels $850.00
‘STAR Burst’ Ceiling Canopy $650.00
2 Layer Canopy (12 Panels) $850.00
2 Layer Canopy (12 Panels) with 4 Colour Panels $1,050.00
2 Layer Canopy (16 Panels) $1,250.00
Flat Panel Ceiling Drapery
Ivory or White Panels Starting at $500.00
Ivory or White Panels with Colour Panels Starting at $600.00
Vintage Patio Lighting (6 – 20′ Strands) Starting at $350.00
Full Ceiling Liner with Lights Starting at $200.00

Additional charges may apply for ceiling drapery at extreme ceiling heights.