Tables and Chairs

All costs listed are per chair and an additional cost will be added for delivery.


5’ Round $9.00 ea
5′ Round Harvest Table $65.00 ea
6’ Rectangular $8.00 ea
6’ Harvest Tables $65.00 ea
8’ Rectangular $10.00 ea
30” Round Bistro $10.00 ea
 Cocktail Table (48” high) $12.00 ea
Serpentine Table $14.00 ea
4’ Half Round $12.00 ea
Serpentine Bar (complete) $75.00 ea
Podium $45.00 ea
Harvest Table (8’ Rectangle) $65.00 ea
Wine Barrel  $45.00 ea
Wine Barrel Cocktail Table Top 30″ Round $20.00
Wine Barrel 9′ White Umbrella  $20.00


White Folding $2.50 ea
Black Folding $2.50 ea
White Garden $4.00 ea
Wooden Garden $4.75 ea
Chavarri Chair (Mahogany, Silver, Gold) $6.50 ea
Crossback Vineyard Chairs $7.00 ea
Cushion for Vineyard Chairs $0.75 ea
Harvest Benches $25.00 ea
Elegant Wing Back Chair (White, Black, Pearl) $65.00 ea

Cancellation Fees


All reservations deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation of tables and chair rentals with less than 14 days notice prior to event will be incur the full rental fee.



Tables and Chairs Rentals

Our services do not include the set-up and take down of tables and chairs.  If this service is desired, arrangements must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to function date, with special charges quoted.  If no arrangements have been made and this service is desired, help will be given if time permits.  An EXTRA charge will apply and an invoice will be issued after function date with full payment to be made a maximum of 7 days after the invoice date or credit card on file will be charged.  All tables and chairs will be broken down, stacked and ready for pickup at pickup time in the pre-designated place on the ground floor level or extra charges will apply.

Linens and Chair Covers

Round Linens


Poly Linen 90” Rounds $9.00 ea
Poly Linen 120” Round $15.00 ea
Signature 120” Round (Majestic/Textured) $16.00 ea
Premium 120” Round (Custom Palette, Sparkle Dust) $18.50 ea
Designer 120” Round (Sequin) $30.00 ea
Spandex Cocktail Table Linen $12.00 ea
132” Round $18.50 ea


Rectangle Linens


Poly Linen 54” x 120” $9.00 ea
Poly Linen 90” x 156” $17.00 ea
Signature Collection 90” x 156” (Majestic, Textured) $18.00 ea
Premium 90” x 156” (Custom Palette) $24.00 ea
Designer 90” x 156” (Sequin, Tinsel) $40.00 ea
Poly Linen 90″ x 132″ $16.00 ea




Square 72″ x 72″ (Organza, Satin) $12.00 ea
Signature Square (Lace, Embroidery) $14.00 ea
Designer 90″ x 156″ $45.00 ea






Organza, Satin $6.00 ea
Designer Lace $7.00 ea
Sequins $10.00 ea




Linen Skirting 14’ $25.00 ea
Specialty Linen Skirting $50.00 ea




Chair Covers and Accents


Cross Back Scuba $2.50 ea
Rouged Chair Cover $2.50 ea
Prowraps $0.75 ea




Available in an assortment of colours


Linen/Satin $9.00/doz
Premium (Custom Palette) $10.00/doz


** All hangers must be returned


** Above pricing does not include application of products listed, quotes for application can be given on request.




Deliveries and Pickups for Rentals


Rates for deliveries and pickups will be quoted upon request. Delivery and pickup will be to ground level only. There is an additional charge for upstairs and downstairs delivery or extreme foot travel to drop. Merchandise must be ready for pickup at the time prearranged.  Linens to be removed from tables and bagged in supplied bags, chair covers to be removed from chairs and placed in supplied bags.

Dinner and Glassware

Basic, Round Dinnerware

Dinner, Side or Dessert Plates $6.00 doz
Soup Bowls
$6.00 doz
Coffee Cups
$6.00 doz


$9.00 doz
Wide Rim Soup/Pasta Bowls   $6.00 doz

Basic Place Settings $3.60 each*

*Includes a basic dinner plate, basic salad or dessert plate, 4 pieces of basic cutlery, wine glass (8.5 oz), and water goblet

Signature Place Settings $4.00 each*

*includes a basic dinner plate, basic salad or dessert plate, 4 pieces of signature cutlery, wine glass (8.5 oz), and water goblet

Premier Place Settings $4.40 each*

*includes basic dinner plate, basic salad or dessert plate, 4 pieces of Premier cutlery, wine glass (8.5 oz), and water goblet

Basic Cutlery


$4.80 doz

Dinner Forks

$4.80 doz

Teaspoons/Dessert Spoons

$4.80 doz

Salad/Dessert Forks

$4.80 doz

Soup Spoons

$6.00 doz

Steak Knives

$6.00 doz

Signature Cutlery


$6.00 doz

Dinner Forks

$6.00 doz

Teaspoons/Dessert Spoons

$6.00 doz

Salad or Dessert Forks

$6.00 doz

Priemier Cutlery


$7.20 doz

Dinner Forks

$7.20 doz

Teaspoon/Dessert Spoon

$7.20 doz

Dessert Forks

$7.20 doz

Available in Black, Gold or Rose Gold




Wine Glasses 8oz  $6.00 doz
Water & Juice Glasses  $5.50 doz
Water Goblets 10.5oz  $6.00 doz
HT Mixing or Beer Glasses $6.00 doz
Martini Glass 9.5oz $6.00 doz
Red Wine Glasses 12oz  $6.00 doz
Champagne Glasses 6oz $6.00 doz
Rocks Glasses 7oz $6.00 doz
Rocks Glasses 10oz $6.00 doz
Footed Pilsner Glasses 12oz $6.00 doz
Shot Glasses 1oz $5.50 doz
Personalized tumbler Glasses Quoted

Table Essentials

Salt & Pepper (full)

$2.50 set
Cream & Sugar $3.50 set

Coffee Urn (60 cup)

$25.00 each

Water/Beer Pitchers (acrylic)

$1.50 each

Water/Beer Pitchers (glass)

$3.50 each

Serving Spoons/Forks

$0.75 each

Serving Tongs

$1.50 each

Pie Lifters

$1.00 each

Punch Dispenser

$15.00 each
Drink Cooler $35.00 each

Gravy/Salad Dressing Pitcher

$2.50 each

Family Style Small Serving Bowls

$3.00 each

Family Style Medium Serving Bowls

$3.50 each
Platters $2.50 each

Triple Tier Cake Stand

$15.00 each

Coffee Carafe

$8.00 each


Chargers and Napkin Rings




Poplar Grey


White with Gold Trim 

$1.75 each


Gold Beaded

White Glass


$4.00 each
Napkin Rings $1.00 each




Pick up of rentals will be available the Wednesday/Thursday before the event between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm.

All Delivery’s carry a delivery fee based on location, HST applies to all rentals.

The above items must be returned rinsed and in their original containers to avoid extra charges. Breakage (including chips) or shortages will be charged to the customer at a replacement cost and the damaged merchandise becomes the property of the customer. All container, boxes and totes must be returned in usable condition or extra charges will apply. A valid credit card will be held on file for security and will be charged after the event if items are missing/broken.

All rental items require a non- refundable 35% deposit for booking confirmation. All rental items will have confirmed number verification 16 days prior to function or full reserved number costs will be incurred by the renter.

All rental items may be picked up the Wednesday/Thursday between 9 am and 4:30 pm. All rentals are due back the Monday after the event between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm. All late returns (after 2 pm) will be charged an extra day fee unless discussed and agreed upon in writing prior to the event. If pick-up is requested (with extra cost) all items will be all together, visible and in the original containers at the main entrance to the event, if pickup items are missed because they are not together return of those missed items becomes the responsibility of the client. Cancellation of any item will result in the loss of the 30% deposit.



White Carpet 25′ $75.00 ea
Red Carpet 25′ $65.00 ea
Staging (4X8 section) $75.00 ea
Dance Floor $2.00/ sq ft
Beverage Tub $50.00 ea
Tents Quoted
Podium $45.00 ea
Room Draping and Trade Show Booth

Room Curtaining and Pipe and Drape

Drape colour available in Black & White

Black Room Draping

Black 8’ Drape installed $4.75 /running foot
Black 10′-12’ Drape installed $5.75 /running foot

White Room Draping

White 10’-12′ Drape installed $7.25 /running foot

Trade Show Booths Installed

Single outside booth 8’ tall black drape 8’ x 10’ $34.00 /booth
Single inside booth 8’ tall black drape 8’ x 10’ $30.00 /booth
Double Outside Booth $64.00 /booth
Double Inside Booth $56.00 /booth

Minimum 20 booth requirement, Quotes available on request.

Room Draping

Standard 8’ High Black Drape
$4.75 per running foot installed

Standard 12’-12’ High Black Drape
$5.75 per running foot installed

Standard 10’-12’ High White Drape
$7.25 per running foot installed

Trade show Booth Draping

Single outside booth 8’ to 10’ wide
$34 per booth

Double outside booth 8’ to 10’ wide
$64 per booth

Single inside booth 8’ to 10’
wide $30 per booth

Double outside booth 8’ to 10’ wide
$56 per booth

Change rooms outside wall using existing walls as back walls
$30 each

Change rooms inside booths using drape walls as back walls
$36 each

Corner Booths

Change Rooms

Colours & Patterns

Linen 120'' Rounds Colours
Satin/Organza Runners
Designer/Lace Runners